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It's Dessouky in Mumbai

Beats compatriot Abouelghar in keenly contested final (1) Fares Dessouky (EGY) beat 3-2

(2) Mohamed Abouelghar (EGY) (70 mins)

The largest crowd ever to have witnessed squash in Mumbai settled down to witness the two Egyptian gladiators who are great friends and competitors. Building on his form all week Dessouky looked stronger as he led 7-3. The calm Abouelghar responded with a flurry of points to first level at 8 and then take the lead with a delectable drop. Three well contested points followed and each of them were won by Fares to give him the opener. Nothing to choose between the two as they played some well constructed points and engaged in some long rallies that were marked with precision. It was Abouelghar who won the longer points as he led 8-6 before Dessouky restored parity. 9-8 for Abouelghar followed by an unforced backhand error by Dessouky to bring up game ball. Another Abouelghar drop and it was one all. Edge of the seat stuff. Only standing room. Electric atmosphere. Great energy from the juniors. The Egyptian flag swaying in the arena Dessouky started asserting and stayed ahead impressively winning the crucial third. 11-6. In the fourth, more solid squash from Dessouky had him in front at 6-3 as the crowd got behind Abouelghar. It was working as Abouelghar pulled back winning one then two then three then four in a row. 7-6 Abouelghar. The crowd wants a fifth. Top quality from Abouelghar. Some sheer brilliance in the forecourt and he gets to 9-7 and then 10-7. Abouelghar plays another beauty and its two all. Delight. It's been an amazing squash lesson for squash players of all ages, shapes and sizes. Gripping stuff. Dessouky gains the advantage early in the fifth and finds himself at 4-1 and then 5-3. At 4-6, Abouelghar pulls one back only to be surprised at the next. 7-5 Dessouky Contentious call. Abouelghar allows himself to get upset. 8-5. One that sticks to the wall, 9-5. A fine cross court kill from Dessouky and an unforced error. Dessouky is the champion.

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